Professional and transparent with the highest due dilligence on every transaction

Highland Commodities has a growing and impeccable international reputation for the sourcing and supply of quality physical commodity products of various types. We are a consortium of partners dealing in commodities from all corners of the world directly with the producers, manufacturers and mines. Due to our Partners ´vast global network and personal connections spanned collectively over ninety years, we pride ourselves in matching our end sellers with quality end buyers and vice versa, making the often difficult and impossible – easy and possible. We are highly experienced, transparent, process driven and oriented to meet the expectations and needs of todays physical commodity marketplace, in a controlled and bespoke manner. Highland Commodities unique selling point is our ability to execute and deliver on various trade types, be it spot or on a long term contractual basis, in a timely and controlled fashion. We give unparalleled service bringing suppliers and buyers together throughout the global market place, undertaking initial in-depth due diligence on all buyers and sellers prior to the undertaking of any trade.

Highland Commodities, the answer to real trading for real buyers and sellers!